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Honey we harvest


Harvesting process

  • We harvest honey from different parts of India, like hilly regions of Himachal Pradesh, valley of Coorg 
  • Most premium quality honey are harvested in hard to reach forest areas of eastern Ghats and never to be missed by honey lovers
  • Forest honey, Premium Coorg, Kashmiri white honey, Indian Laurel, and Ajwain are some of the varieties we harvest.
  • See full list of honey varieties here 

Our bee-hives

  • Apart from our own bee-hives (to mention more than 10,000), we have tie-ups with thousands of bee-keepers all over India from where we procure honey
  • Traditional methods are used throughout our forms which is the first reason for our success.

Taking care of the bees

  • We do not feed Sugar syrup to our bees during off season; instead we feed them honey itself, and keep them happy

How we ensure it reaches you fresh

  • Guidelines for Organic are followed;  we do not use artificial feeds to bees or chemicals in the farms
  • We do not heat / process honey, so you get the honey which contains valuable nutrients unique to raw honey
  • Glass bottles are used to preserve the flavour and integrity of the raw honey

See our qualiy policy to now how we protect the environment and deliver organic honey…

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